Co-producing research on youth loneliness.


We are developing new approaches for researching youth loneliness with young people, drawing on co-produced, creative and arts-based methods.

Loneliness Connects Us

We developed new approaches for researching youth loneliness with young people, as part of the first large-scale participatory research project on youth loneliness.

Left on Read

We are co-producing creative encounters to explore how the COVID-19 Lockdown is affecting young people’s mental health, levels of social isolation and loneliness.

Youth voice in and against crisis discourse

A multi-media youth-led inquiry into understanding how young people’s voices can be lost when adults talk of crisis and crises, and what we might do differently.

Precious Plastic/Positive Encounters

Exploring social and material infrastructures to enable anyone and everyone to say ‘hello’ in their neighbourhood


Loneliness means something different to everyone because everyone experiences things differently. But I don’t think people should be afraid of loneliness. All your emotions are important... If you’re lonely it means it you’re missing out on something. You need that social connection.



Experiencing loneliness.

An aim of Loneliness Connects Us was to explore, collect and share experiences of youth loneliness through youth co-research. Some of the deepest and most powerful insights emerged through the core group of youth co-researchers.

Mastering the Art of Interaction: Learning Dating Etiquette from Escorts

In the nuanced world of dating and interpersonal relationships, the principles of etiquette often serve as the backbone of meaningful and respectful interactions. Interestingly, professional escorts, with their vast experience in diverse social scenarios, emerge as unexpected but invaluable mentors in the realm of dating etiquette. Their expertise in managing interactions, ensuring mutual respect, and fostering meaningful connections offers rich insights for anyone looking to enhance their dating experiences. This article explores the valuable lessons in dating etiquette that can be learned from escorts, including the importance of communication and consent, the art of making a good impression, and the significance of respect and boundaries.

Communication and Consent: The Pillars of Positive Interactions

One of the foremost lessons in dating etiquette from Geelong escorts revolves around the critical importance of communication and consent. These elements are fundamental in ensuring that both parties feel comfortable, respected, and valued throughout their interaction.

Clear Communication: The Key to Understanding

Escorts understand that clear, honest, and open communication is essential for establishing expectations and ensuring a mutually satisfying experience. This principle is equally vital in dating scenarios, where effectively expressing desires, intentions, and limits can significantly enhance the quality of the interaction. Learning to articulate feelings and expectations clearly can prevent misunderstandings and create a foundation for a respectful and enjoyable encounter.

Prioritizing Consent: A Mutual Responsibility

Consent is another cornerstone of etiquette emphasized in the professional conduct of escorts. It involves not only seeking explicit agreement before initiating any form of physical intimacy but also respecting the other person's right to change their mind at any point. This respectful approach to consent is a critical lesson for anyone dating, highlighting the importance of mutual comfort and agreement in all interactions.

Making a Good Impression: Etiquette in Action

Escorts excel in making a positive and lasting impression, a skill that is highly transferable to the dating world. From appearance and punctuality to attentiveness and manners, the nuances of making a good impression are key components of dating etiquette.

Attention to Detail: Appearance and Punctuality

The effort put into appearance and punctuality reflects respect for the other person and the value placed on the meeting. Escorts know the importance of presenting themselves well and being on time, understanding that these aspects significantly contribute to the overall impression. Adopting a similar approach in dating not only shows respect for your date but also sets a positive tone for the encounter.

Attentiveness and Manners: Showing Genuine Interest

Being attentive and displaying good manners are qualities that escorts master to engage and connect with clients genuinely. In dating, showing genuine interest in the other person, listening actively, and being courteous are key to building rapport and creating a comfortable and engaging atmosphere. These behaviors signal respect and consideration, fostering a deeper connection.

Respect and Boundaries: Navigating Interactions with Care

Finally, escorts' approach to respect and boundaries offers essential insights into navigating dating interactions with care and consideration. Understanding and respecting personal boundaries, along with expressing one's own, are crucial aspects of healthy and respectful dating dynamics.

Understanding and Respecting Boundaries

Professional escorts are adept at recognizing and respecting their clients' boundaries while clearly communicating their own. This mutual respect for limits is vital in dating, where acknowledging and adhering to each other's comfort zones can build trust and prevent discomfort. Learning to discuss and navigate boundaries openly is a critical skill for fostering respectful and fulfilling relationships.

The Role of Empathy in Respectful Interactions

Empathy plays a significant role in understanding and respecting others' feelings and boundaries. By adopting an empathetic approach, as skilled escorts do, individuals can better anticipate and respond to their dates' comfort levels and emotional needs. This empathetic understanding is key to creating a respectful and caring environment, enhancing the overall dating experience.


The realm of professional escorts offers unexpected yet profound lessons in dating etiquette, emphasizing the importance of communication, making a good impression, and navigating interactions with respect and empathy. By adopting these principles, individuals can enhance their dating experiences, fostering connections that are respectful, enjoyable, and meaningful. As we navigate the complex world of interpersonal relationships, these lessons in etiquette from escorts provide valuable guidance for anyone looking to improve their social interactions and deepen their connections with others.