Loneliness Connects Us: Project Report

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All Our Emotions Are Important

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Metropolis Policy Recommendations

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Loneliness and Social Isolation: The need for community led action

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Missing - An immersive theatre performance

The importance of creative and arts-inspired methods as a safe and productive way for young people to engage with and explore loneliness was a significant orientation in Loneliness Connects Us. 

As the youth co-research developed from working with the core group of young people at 42nd Street to explore the emerging findings with young people across the United Kingdom. After experimenting with different methods, we came to see an immersive theatre experience as a way of enabling young people to encounter the research to open up space for dialogue.  

Tricia Coleman and Jana Wendler joined the project to develop Missing, an immersive theatre experience. 

Watch the videos to learn more about Missing. 

Missing has been performed with the following youth groups: 

  • West Rhyl Young People’s Project
  • MAP Norfolk
  • N-Gage 360 Ballymeena
  • Fairbridge/The Prince’s Trust, Glasgow.
  • 42nd Street
  • Greater Manchester Housing Association Youth Forum

  • Greater Manchester Police Cadets

  • St Peters in Levenshulme

  • Widnes Youth Project

  • Halton Youth Project

  • Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester

Missing has been performed with the following professional groups: 

  • Frontline North West Fellowship 
  • Greater Manchester Health & Care Partnership

Radio and podcasts

The Loneliness Connects Us project co-produced two radio programmes. One, Conversations that Matter  with Reform Radio about the youth co-research. Two, Pride Not Prejudice, about youth loneliness and sexuality as part of Manchester Pride, with Reform Radio and Gaydio. 

Click on image to listen to the show. 

The lead youth research Kurtis interviewed a number of organisations and academics to better understand youth loneliness.


The Loneliness Connects Us youth co-research aimed to include young people in a growing national conversation on youth loneliness. The research therefore took an active engagement in seeking to communicate experiences, hopes and anxieties of the young people who made the research. 

Young people and loneliness: ‘What happens when we fail?’

Katherine Sellgren, BBC News, 09/03/2018 

Noor, one of the Loneliness Connects Us youth co-researcher and 42nd Street Peer Ambassadors, was interviewed on national BBC radio about the research findings: 

BBC Radio 5 Live (Monday 1st October 2018, 8 am)

BBC Newsbeat (Monday 1st October 2018, 12.45pm) 

To read Noor’s reflection on being interviewed on radio follow this link

ITN News attended the Youth Loneliness Summit, spoke to young people involved in the project and produced this media package.