Vichaar Manthan Loneliness & Social Isolation – Is This Really The New Epidemic In Modern Britain?

Vichaar Manthan explores issues facing modern British society through a Hindu civilisational lens.

VM invited the @YouthLoneliness project to address its meeting on Loneliness and Social Isolation – Is this really the new epidemic in modern Britain?

Loneliness has been described as deadlier than obesity, reportedly increasing risk of death by 29%. With over 9 million people in the UK declaring that they are always or often lonely, Britain has been voted the “loneliness capital of Europe”.

But has loneliness really become the epidemic that it is described as in the media, where we seem to be more connected than ever, but report feeling more alone?

Could we as a population be getting worse at coping with changes in our circumstances or merely becoming more open to talk about it?

Watch the discussion

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